Thursday, January 19, 2006

Infinite Crisis #4 - Bad dog!

I like the Modern Age. I like the Silver Age, the Golden Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. But I'll be the first to admit that mixing them successfully takes a delicate touch.

Infinite Crisis #4 spoilers behind cut

Having a Silver Age icon decapitate, dismember, flash-fry and punch holes in other heroes is not a light touch, nor is having said icon kick the crap out of a dog. Just for reference.

While I'm sure this will all be explained as either "Earth-1's influence on Superboy" or "Luthor's influence on Superboy" by the end of the story, it's still a bad call.  This is just kinda distasteful, and I think it could have been handled better.

That said, Superboy's a shoe-in for the gold in the '08 Olympics' Krypto Toss.


Jhunt said...

(comic geek)
In Geoff John's defence, Superboy of Earth_prime isn't exactly a Silver Age icon, having been introduced mid-Crisis in an issue of DC Comics Presents.
(/comic geek)

Unknown said...

Crap. Good point.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that the same Superboy who was in the old Legion books? If so, we're back to "icon and example to his peers" being all hideously violent.

Jhunt said...

Nope.. that was (ostensibly) "Pocket Universe Superboy", who's from the same universe as the Matrix/Supergirl.

Earth-Prime Superboy first appeared just prior to Crisis in an issue of DC Comics Presents, then went off to fight the Anti-Monitor.

Wow.. I know way too much about the different incarnations of Superboy.